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Slim Factor
I dropped 3 dress sizes in as many months, with my Organic Weight Loss Program.
I had always been a healthy 10 stones give or take a few lbs, but after the birth of my second child, I had trouble getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight. 
Things came to a head four months ago when at almost 13 stones and with a BMI of over 30, I realised that I was officially obese. 
I followed my own nutritional program and within 3 weeks I started to notice a difference; my clothes didn't feel as tight on me and I had lost 5kg. Finally my weight was headed in the right direction!
I continued with my weight management plan and three months later I finally weighed in at my pre-pregnancy weight of 10 stones. I was delighted.
Best of all, I recently wore one of my favourite dresses, a beautiful size 12 cocktail dress, which I was convinced I'd never be able to wear again. I am thrilled with the results and have never felt as healthy as I do now.
About The Slim Factor Book

This 21-day program that will change your life forever. The diet industry is forever booming with over $20 billion being spent annually on diets and diet products in America alone. This industry would collapse if it became widely known that obesity is a permanently curable symptom of a hypothalamus dysfunction. To repeat on that piece of information: obesity is a permanently curable symptom of hypothalamic dysfunction. Fix the dysfunction, and you will overcome your weight problem. This book is going to explain just why people are obese and how to overcome any hypothalamic dysfunction. 

Michelangelo was once asked how he creates such wonders as the Statue of David that proudly stands on display in Florence. His response was that he just chips away at the marble and the figure emerges. The figure was always there, waiting to be revealed. If this is the way you feel, that you need something to chip away at the fat padding that is encasing your body, to reveal the new you then this is the book for you.

Leptin is a hormone released by fat cells and was only discovered in 1994. Since its discovery, the approach to weight management has taken a new direction. People, who are overweight, have trouble shedding fat and keeping it off, are most likely leptin resistant. Restoring healthy leptin function is the most important step towards establishing healthy endocrine balance no matter what your age. It can also help eliminate forever the kind of food cravings and constant hunger that prevent permanent weight loss. No other weight loss program addresses this issue.

The Slim Factor Program is a must for anyone who wants to lose weight or who has tried numerous weight loss programs without long lasting effects. You will be surprised by the detail in this book and how some simple changes in your diet will have positive long lasting effects on your health, well-being as well as your ability to achieve the weight loss that has eluded you in the past.

Julie Dargan is a Nutritionist, Naturopath, Nurse, with a Bachelor of Health Sciences.