Tips To Boost Your Immunity

Julie Dargan

Sara K asks how can I boost my immunity so I can do all I can to help my body during these difficult Covid times?
Thank you for your question, Sara.
Not only is Covid a challenge for us, but Influenza is an ever-evolving disease, so the work on prevention, preparedness and response with immune-boosting foods and supplements has to adapt continuously to keep up with these changes. 
Increase intake of immune-boosting foods rich in vitamin C, citrus foods, green leafy vegetables, broccoli and oats and barley which contain high levels of beta-glucan. Following a nutrient-dense diet that includes richly coloured vegetables and fruit, supported with legumes, organic proteins, healthy fats from avocado, nuts, seeds or nutritional oils.
Suggested supplements:
1) Immiflex: Beta-glucan combined with vitamin C and D support and strengthen the immune system. Beta glucan clusters around receptors of immune cells and helps to prime them for defence. Not suitable for pregnancy or lactation.
2) Elderberry: The blackberries of the elder tree have been used as a remedy for centuries and have direct anti-viral effects. 
3) Marshmallow root is a favourite of many herbalists for the relief of sore throats and chesty coughs. 
4) Manuka honey protects the body against damage caused by bacteria. It also boosts the production of special cells that can repair tissue damaged by infection. Manuka honey has an anti-inflammatory action that can help ease pain and inflammation.
5) Flaxseed Oil: Supplementing with an omega oil promotes optimal health and cell functioning; omega fatty acids are the structural components of cell membranes. Avoid if taking blood-thinning medication.
5) Probiotic mixture: Restores good bacteria to the gut preventing the growth of bad bacteria and ensuring optimum absorption of vital vitamins and minerals necessary for supporting the immune system. Consult your GP if prescribed immunosuppressant medication.
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Julie Dargan BHSc, Diploma Nursing

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